The New Range


The new cook stove. 

My wife hates electric cooking.  I tried it and it flat sucks.  Out it comes.

Some pretty sketchy electrical work under here.

No worries, though.  It is all coming out.

Fortunately, the old cooktop was the exact size needed for the new stove.  So all I needed to do was cut out the counter, the floor of the cabinet and make some cuts down the front of the cabinets to make the opening the right size.

All of the cabinets were built onsite, so doing a modular removal was not possible.  But they were well-planned and the whole operation was noisy, dusty and took a little time, but otherwise was pretty simple.

The fit is pretty good

Propane conversion done and connection to propane completed.

We plan to completely rebuild the kitchen in the future, so the current installation is temporary.

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AC Filter Change

I decided to change the AC filter early.  It is pretty clear this filter was not inserted properly and had not been changed in quite some time.