Changing the Whole-House Water Filter for the First Time

The house came equipped with a 4"x10" Big Blue Whole House water filter.  We had extremely low water pressure, so I decided to change the cartridge in it.

As you can see, it was in need of replacement

This damaged seal indicates it may not have been catching everything

This is the water the filter was setting in.  This was on the dirty side of the filter

A lot of sand and Oklahoma red clay silt was poured out of that filter body

This looks like oil of some kind, but it is just silt of a different kind

It covered the outside of the filter cartridge

A sand/clay mix was built up in the bottom of the filter body

The filter body after it is all cleaned up

It was clear this filter had not been replaced in quite some time.  So I purged the incoming line. Once a filter slows down filtering, a lot of sediment will fall out in the incoming lines since the water cannot move fast enough to keep it suspended.  This was the third bucket I purged from the main line coming into the house.

A few more buckets and the water is running clear.  Its time to put in the new filter cartridge.

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AC Filter Change

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