Fixing Some of the Drainage Issues

There are/were several drainage issues in the front part of the house.  The roof pours rainwater about two feet from the house.  Since the house is slab-on-grade, the water needs to run away pretty fast.  Unfortunately, the land around the house has a slightly negative slope, in some areas, which allows the water to pool close to the house.  When there are heavy rains, water could possibly over-top the slab and infiltrate the house.  This is evident in some areas where we have been doing work.  

It is not uncommon for rain to leave 3-4 inches of water standing on the driveway and sidewalk.  

This is the deepest part of the pool of water.  I need to build a drain to address this part.  the rest of the pool should drain adequately once the drain is put in.

Water standing on the driveway. This water can get up onto the siding if the rain is too heavy.  

Water pools behind the flower bed and against the brick veneer. It is entirely possible this water could make it to the slab and into the house if it's not handled.

This water pool also extends from the driveway.  between the house-slab and the sidewalk is a flower bed that prevents direct drainage.  That may need to be re-graded if the primary drain doesn't fix the problem.

The sidewalk leads to the driveway and shares its water pool. 

Unfortunately, the driveway was poured flat, instead of sloping away from the house.  If improved drainage doesn't do the trick, the driveway may need to be replaced and properly graded.

After determining the lowest part of the water pool, I set a string line from that point out toward the area I want the water to drain to.

I placed a stake 24 feet away and dropped the end of the string 6 inches.  This will give me a drainage grade of 1/4 inch per foot.

The trench bottom was cut so that it remained a constant distance from the string line.

The trench was filled with water several times to soften the ground so it could be dug deeper. The water level proves the slope is adequate for draining the water away from the sidewalk.

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