New Sink Installation

The old sink was hideous (according to my wife) so it was replaced.  There was several issues that needed dealt with under the sink, so I yanked everything out and started over.

  1. The drain was leaking
  2. There was a garbage disposal installed which we never use (we compost everything.)  Besides, garbage disposals are really bad for septic tanks...which we have.  
  3. The dishwasher was "tapped" into an old copper drain line and the tap was not properly soldered in.  It was also on the wrong side of the gooseneck.
  4. Water lines were installed with pliers and the lines were in questionable shape.

The hideous sink

Leaking plumbing and garbage disposal.

This was the drain line.  they tried to hold it together with several rubber boots.  It didn't work

This is the bottom of the copper drain line

A better view

Some hokey electrical work.  It has to go!

One wire nut just fell off when I unwrapped the tape.  This is how fires get started!

The garbage disposal removed and most of the plumbing pulled out. Fortunately, we were at the hardware store and some people were looking to buy a garbage disposal.  I gave them this one instead.

The dishwasher drain hooked into the wrong side of the gooseneck

This is totally non-repairable.  It has to come out.  Time to go get the torch.

The copper drain line cut off and cleaned up.  Ready for a new tie in.

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